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Another month has ended and it's time for a quick look-back on which books I was able to read. Also, this is becoming a regular thing and that's good, right? Not everyone has the time these days (but we're still in quarantine, you say? heh) to actually sit down and blog, so here's a pat in the back for ya, self.  In addition to the book club's read for March, I was able to squeeze in two other titles, making up a grand total of three. YAY! Without further ado, here they are:  Elena Ferrante's "My Brilliant Friend" - 3/5  Matt Haig's "The Midnight Library" - 3/5 David Mitchell's "Utopia Avenue" - 5/5 "My Brilliant Friend" was an interesting enough read, but it didn't hook me enough to pursue the subsequent novels despite the cliffhanger ending. I found the dynamics in the relationship between Lila and Lenu commonplace, hence the detachment from their characters, I guess. Character-wise, the novel was rich an

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