My Loot from the NBS Cut-Price Sale 2011

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The only loot, I hope, or my wallet will hate me (and my husband will scold me, too!) for spending too much on books. Again and again and again. But then, what's new? :)

Every year, National Book Store holds a cut-off sale on all books, giving out discounts of up to 75%. This year's sale will run from July 29 to August 21 at all NBS branches.

Last week, Archie and I dropped by the nearby mall for some grocery-shopping, and I simply couldn't resist the urge to take a peek. Just a teeny weeny peek. Unfortunately, what was intended as a 5-minute browsing of the bargain shelves turned into a 30-minute tedious decision-making process, as I had to debate which books I should buy with my self-imposed P1,000.00 budget.

After much thought (and a serious contemplation of which books I liked more than the next one), I finally decided on the following titles:

Oh, I didn't mean for all of my purchases to have one-word titles. :D

I found a hardback copy of Anne Rice's "Of Love and Evil" for 50% off, but the discounted price would still account for half of my shopping budget. So I had to let go of that and content myself with the trade paperback copies of "Room", also at 50% off, "Trash" with a 20% discount, and "Speak", which had the highest discount of 75% off. Honestly, though, I couldn't recall anymore the exact prices of each of the books after the corresponding discount was slashed off the original price, but I paid less than a thousand pesos for all three, so I know I bought them all for a song. ;)

I haven't gone back since then for fear that I might splurge (again), but oh, who am I fooling? I've just been online-shopping this morning!


Lynai said…
Wow, you have ROOM already. Will be looking forward to your reviews of SPEAK and TRASH. :)

Hm, I hope I'll be able to catch the NBS sale before it ends. I'm planning to buy ROOM, too, and the other 2 books in the CHAOS WALKING trilogy. :)
Monique said…
Hi Lynai, I'll post the reviews for these books as soon as I can read them. If and when my time will allow, hay. :)

You still have a couple of weeks to splurge at NBS. Good luck! ;)

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