The MIBF 2011 Loot

Yesterday was the first day of the 32nd Manila International Book Fair at the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia, Pasay City. Coinciding with this annual event was the very first Filipino Reader Conference, the brainchild of several Filipino Book Bloggers which included Honey (of Coffeespoons), which event I also attended (albeit an hour late). To be honest, I was there not only to give my support to this event that would promote reading and help foster more friendships among readers and book bloggers alike, but also to cheer on my fellow Goodreads members Aldrin and Chachic, who are on the book bloggers panel, and Jzhun, who replaced Kuya Doni at the last minute, to talk about The Filipino Group at Goodreads.

Even though I arrived late, I truly enjoyed the ReaderCon. Thank God familiar faces were there: Aaron, Celina, Aldrin, Ariel, Mina, Tricia, Kwesi, and even Louize, who arrived with her pretty daughter. All of the speakers were eloquent, articulate and funny, and I had a good chuckle listening to each of their stories. The book bloggers amazed me, especially Sasha (it's the first time I've heard of her, but wow), who was simply too cool to be true. :D Hizon's provided the refreshments, and they delivered, as usual. :)

Thanks for these wonderful bookmarks and stuff from the ReaderCon!

Unfortunately, I didn't have enough time on my hands to finish the ReaderCon; my husband was set to pick me up around 6-ish, and I still needed to scour the stalls and bargain bins (the best part of the MIBF!) so I had to slink away before anyone noticed go.

Despite the many exhibitors and the big discounts offered for their books, I didn't buy anything for myself - a first! I reckoned that I still have soooo many titles on my TBR that to buy more books to add to it is simply impractical. Plus, I'd have to find shelf space for them, too, which I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to do considering the cramped space that is our unit, and my cubicle is just about spilling over with books, as well.

What I did buy, though, are these books from Adarna, which I intend to include in the little girl's loot bags for her birthday this December. These were discounted, from P73 to P55 each, but I got them for only P50 each because I bought 35 pieces:

Please pardon the lighting, won't you? :)
I love these books because the narrative has translations, so it's really an educational and fun book to read. I hope the kids will love it! I'm choosing five of the best stories for my little girl, of course. ;)

And here are some cute freebies, too.

I loved their econo-friendly bag, and the bookmarks, too!

I am hoping to come back before the last day on Sunday, but that will require some serious wheedling cajoling bribing convincing, so that the husband will agree to drive me. Hehe.

Have you visited the MIBF? If you haven't, what are you still waiting for???


fantaghiro23 said…
Hi, Monique! Really sorry that we weren't able to talk much last night. But I'm glad that you enjoyed the ReaderCon, in spite of some things that disappointed you. Appreciate the feedback, though.:)

Oh, one small thing: the ReaderCon isn't necessarily my brainchild. It's something that Tarie and I were talking about, and then it took more shape when we talked about it with other people, and then it REALLY took shape when someone volunteered to sponsor and people volunteered to help. So, it's really a collective thing. Which is wonderful, IMHO.

Anyway, didn't get to shop much at the MIBF myself, so plan to go back this weekend, too. Wish you luck wheedling the hubby.:)
Tina said…
Hi Monique! Glad I saw you, but too bad I wasn't able to talk to you much again! Tweeting took a lot out of me. Haha.

Anyway, that's a lot of books! :) We only had a short time going around the book fair after the ReaderCon, and we stayed at NBS the longest because they were opening new boxes of books and we were waiting for them. :)) I also plan to go back this weekend to finally buy some books. Aaron has convinced me to get the Game of Thrones boxed set so I can finally relate to you guys. :D
Will said…
Nice steals you got there! Hope I can return to the fair on the last day.
jzhunagev said…
Cute book loots, Monique!
The Adarna story books are lovely! I myself had read a lot of them during my elementary years and it think it's because of these books that began to develop a love for reading; I still remember some tales in their Pilandok series. No doubt it will be a nice souvenirs for Allie's 1st birthday.
Spread the love for reading! :)
Aldrin said…
It was nice seeing you again, Monique. Too bad we didn't get to argue about Game of Thrones, er, I mean talk. I remember us just mouthing indistinct words to each other from afar. Haha. Lucky Allie! And I still owe you a copy of the book I was wearing. :p
Monique said…
HONEY: Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment! I'll send you an email (in addition to the one I sent you last night) about my suggestions for the next ReaderCon. :) Again, congratulations on the success of the event!

TINA: One meet-up, I will just sit next to you and listen to you, er, talk to you. Haha!

Oh, and I thought you should know, I posted a sticky note on your copy of The Lover's Dictionary which says: "You have a big heart. Thanks for sharing it with me."

WILL: Thanks! All for the little girl. And you've got some very nice stuff from there, too. :)

JZHUN: Unfortunately, I can't say that I also grew up on Adarna books. HUHU. But I'll make sure Allie will be familiar with them. And I'll look for that Pilandok series!

ALDRIN: Next meet-up, you will be on my right side, and Tina will be on the left, and I'll just divide the time listening, er, talking to her, and arguing, er, discussing Game of Thrones with you. Haha!

Yes, you do. I hope I can get to have the print copy before I feel the urge to buy it off Amazon. LOL.
Tina said…
Yes, I got the note! Aaron gave it to me before he kept the book. :D
Anonymous said…
I'm annoyed at myself (and the traffic). No-show at the ReaderCon and no books bought at the fair! Hay!
dementedchris said…
I looked for you at ReaderCon but Celina said you had left. I wish I had gotten to meet you -- I brought two Sweet Dreams books for your collection :)
Monique said…
CHRIS: Aw, that's too bad! Maybe we can meet up sometime soon? If you're up for it, that is. :)

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