(Old) Book(s) Giveaway!

I've been getting really frustrated at the way I hoard books and end up not reading most some of them, because I buy books – especially if it's from Book Sale or from my favorite Multiply sellers, from whom they come cheap – even if I've only heard about them remotely from a book blog that I usually visit, from the New York Times Bestsellers List, or from a friend who mentioned it offhandedly sometime. I even buy off Kindle editions from Amazon just when I feel like it.

I know, I know. I'm a book hoarder and a compulsive buyer. As a result, I would end up with more books than my time can actually allow me to read, and the print books gather dust and languish in their plastic boxes/shelves/shoe keeper storage, waiting to be dusted off and read.

Lately I've been thinking up ways on how to whittle down my TBR pile into a manageable level, and thankfully, came up with a solution that is not only beneficial to me, but also to fellow book lovers. I realized that I should re-evaluate the books that I currently have and then ask myself the following hypothetical question: If this is the only book that I have right now, would I go ahead and actually read it? If the answer is NO, then I should let go of it and give it away to someone else who wants it.

With that criterion in mind, I proceeded to an inventory of the print books that I have at home and in the office, and found that there are titles that I really wouldn't regret parting with. (Some, I can't even remember why I purchased, anyway.) So, knowing I could use the extra space, and that there are a good number of people who would willingly take them off my hands, given the opportunity (here it is!), I'm giving the following books away – I've only read one of them (the last title), and all are lovingly covered in plastic and in very good condition. The customary name inside the covers, of course, cannot be helped. First dibs to whoever claims the book via the comments section! :)

As I mentioned above, these are just the books from home and in the office. I've yet to inspect the ones from my old room in my parents' house in Laguna, and that may have to wait until next week. For now, these are the titles that I'm willing to give away, and any book that won't be taken will be brought to the TFG Christmas Party on December 17.

Any title that suits your fancy? Lemme know. ;) Merry Christmas!


Lynai said…


HAHAHAHA! Who's excited? :P
jzhunagev said…
First dibs on Catch-22!
triciuhhh said…
Uy! If the Sabriel is tpb, not mmpb, MINE! Hehe!
Monique said…
LYNAI and JZHUN: Lynai was first to claim Catch-22, so it's hers. Unless she'll give it to Jzhun. :)

TRICIA: Sabriel is yours, it's TP. :)

Jodi Picoult's books are reserved for JOYZI, who appears unable to comment but has expressed intentions to claim them. So, I guess I'm commenting for her. :)
Monique said…
And KWESI wants Seeing. :)
Anonymous said…
I recently bought Catch-22 through ebay.ph. But it looks like there's going to be a wild book wrestling match if I don't have a copy of it yet.

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