December 20, 2011

A Bookish Christmas Party

Last Saturday, Dec. 17, was my first time to attend a Christmas party with the members of the TFG at Goodreads. I wanted so desperately to go last year, but I had to beg off because I was due to give birth to Allie any day, then. Fortunately, I was available on the date that was set for this year's party, so days prior to the event, I was beside myself with excitement. :D

It was an informal party held at Eton Centris. After a small group of us had gathered at Jollibee, we transferred to Jack's Loft/Pho Hoa/My Thai for (a late) lunch, and then we had an introduce-yourself portion (for the benefit of the our new attendees) where people, well, introduced themselves, talked about the genres they prefer or usually read, and their best and worst reads for 2011 (mine would be Middlesex for best read, and A Passage To India for worst).  Then came the kris kringle proper and exchanging of gifts, and then, outside, we had the games: charades and eating game c/o Maria. :) Oh, and I just have to mention that we were shooed away by the guard at Jack's Loft/Pho Hoa/My Thai because, allegedly, we were bothering their customers. Heh. :D

After the shirt quote game and Angus' announcement of the first ever TFG 100 Favorite Books, everyone filed over to CBTL for coffee.  Unfortunately, it was around this time that my husband came over to pick me up, so I had to (reluctantly) leave. :(

Thank you for the pic, Joyzi. :)

THANK YOU for the gifts! Tina, Angus, Tricia, Kuya Doni and my mommy, Alona. *hugs* Until the next meet-up...!


Anonymous said...

Thank you too for the delightful gift! And I hope you'll love the book that I gave you. I'm quite sure you would. :)

Tina said...

Merry Christmas Monique! Thanks for the ebook gift and I hope you like mine, too. :) Can't wait to see what you got for Christmas :)

Monique said...

ANGUS: Two days na lang and I'll open your gift. So excited! I know I'll love it! :)

TINA: Thank you, too, for the gift. I hope you'll get ALL of the books you listed down on your wish list this year! :D