Rubber stamp-ies :)

For the longest time, I've been a sucker at labeling my stuff, specifically (and especially) my books, with whatever I can use to indicate that they're my property. Back when they were the fad, I used to have sheets and sheets of Robee stickers with my name, address, and even pager number (those were the days when mobile phones were for the chosen few, yes?) on it with which I labeled my things.

Then I tired of those, and so shifted to rubber stamps. I bought loads of those from Papemelroti - flowers, butterflies, stars, whatnot. Anything I could possibly use them on, I used them on. (The usual victims were my Sweet Dreams books, haha). Suffice it to say, therefore, that I like seeing my stuff properly and neatly labeled.

So, aren't these rubber stamps that I had customized the cutest things? :)

The one on the left says "De Mata-Almeida Library", which is clearly for my and my husband's combined books. It has always been a personal dream of mine to build a private library for my family, so I'm starting with the labels. ;) I used to have the self-inking type, but it's the smallest one and has only my name on it, and getting a new, bigger one is way too expensive compared to a rubber stamp plus stamp pad combo. And, with rubber stamps, I can have it customized any way I want, up to the last detail, the way I did with these. So there.

The one on the right is for the little girl's first paper (not board) books. The first books I ever bought for her were from the 2010 Manila International Book Fair (365 Fairy Tales and Animal Bedtime Tales), back when I was still pregnant with her, and now that she's in her formative years, we read the stories aloud when we can. And yes, when she can sit still long enough to keep from tearing out the pages. :D

This is how the first stamp looks like on paper. Isn't the little book icon under the text the neatest thing? :)

Right. Let me return now to my rubber-stamping session. ;)


Anonymous said…
The copy of The Kite Runner that I got from you last year also has that stampy thing, haha. I perfectly understand. In my case, I just write my initials and the date of purchase on the inside cover.

By the way, I see that the stamp was tested with the Muller book. I checked my reading plan and the book falls on May. It's too early to prepare, I know, hahaha!
Monique said…
ANGUS: That was the self-inking type, haha. :D

I'm not in any hurry to read Muller. It can wait until May! :)
Tina said…
I used to print stickers for my books and stick them over the ugly price tags that I can't remove. Then I ran out and I got too lazy to print. Now I just don't put anything there to tell me it's mine. I just know. Haha.

You know I've been wanting to get a book seal for the longest time. Instead of ink, it's a dry seal -- just like what notary public uses. Haha. But no one has gifted that to me until now and I'm too cheap to buy one for myself (until maybe after this coming birthday). ^^
Monique said…
TINA: Yes, I noticed that your books don't have names on them when I borrowed your copy of The Lover's Dictionary. Haha.

I can help you get a dry seal. I used to have a notarial commission so I know where to go to have them customized. I can help you get one - oh yes, your birthday is just a couple of months away, so maybe we can consider it an advance birthday gift, just in case? :)
Lynai said…
I have a rubber stamp too that I used for my lawbooks then (and I use until now if I don't forget haha). I am not so OC with my books it's only lately that I started the habit of plastic-covering them. Hehee. :D

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