Lookie what I got here!

Hello there, my first brand-new books for 2012!

Since I got wind that Jeffrey Eugenides had a new book out called The Marriage Plot late last year, I began listing it down as the first book that I want to receive for Christmas. I was in no hurry to receive it, but I thought it would be really nice if someone would gift me with it. As evident from this post, no one did, but that's perfectly okay, because I also knew that I could get a copy for myself if I want to, anyway.

So, for my first brand-new book purchases for the year, I got from FullyBooked a trade paperback copy of The Marriage Plot, pluuuuus a trade paperback copy of another book I've been curious about, Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes. I didn't want my little girl to go home empty-handed, so I bought her another board book, My First Book of Letters (Baby Einstein) which I found very educational and to have a unique approach in teaching the alphabet. For my darling husband, who is a high fantasy genre snob, I offered to buy any title he likes, but he declined. He just loves his Kindle. ;)

So those are my first books bought for 2012. Will attempt to include either Eugenides or Keyes in my February reading; I'm just too excited! :D


Astrid (Mrs.B) said…
I'm about 15% into The Marriage Plot and really loving it so far. Enjoy your new books!
Monique said…
Thanks Mrs. B! I'm very excited to read it! :)
Lynai said…
Congratulations on your new purchases! (Haha, parang nanalo lang sas contest no?). I'm curious about Flowers for Algernon too. I'll wait what you have to say about it. :)
Anonymous said…
I was going to gift you Flowers for Algernon, but the copy that I found is a mass market. Good thing there's the Ishiguro book. Happy reading!
Monique said…
LYNAI: Thank you, haha! I will try to squeeze them in for my Feb reading. ;)

ANGUS: Oh mine IS mass market! But I think I can tolerate the font size, plus it's cheaper than the trades. :D

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