Shameless Plugging :D

Today, yours truly is featured over at Tina's One More Page as the first guest in her new semi-regular feature/series called What I Read.

I won't be delving into what the series is all about.  Tina will tell you all about it in her blog. When she approached e-mailed me about it, the first thought that came to mind was, who am I to say no? Being just asked, by itself, is already an honor and a pleasure. Tina is one of my good friends from Goodreads, one of very few people who has been nothing but very friendly, open, and welcoming to new faces and personalities online. It is from her that I mainly get recommendations for YA books, and I trust her judgment when it comes to that genre. I am happy and grateful to know her. :)

She made me sound more interesting than I ever hope I could be. Thanks, Tina! :)

Hop on over to the post and say hi! :)


Tina said…
Hee. I was fast asleep when the post went up so I'm just catching up on the comments. :) Thanks for accepting, and you're welcome! :D

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