Required Reading: MARCH

As February was drawing to a close, I began to panic worry that I won't be able to read all the books that I lined up for the month. Yesterday was the first day of March, and thankfully, I managed to finish reading Olive Kitteridge. So, 2 out of 3 books for my February reading list should not be too bad, no?

A round-up of my February books:
Unfortunately, even with the extra day for February, the last book was left pending. I am reading it now, though, and will add to my reading list for March.

How did I come up with the titles that I've listed for this month?

A close inspection of my unread print books shows that I have some YA and children's books that would be perfect for light reading. I find that I am in the mood for that now, especially with my super-hectic workload these days. And what better way to whittle down the TBR pile than to get the uber-thin books out of the way, right?

So here are the books that will comprise my reading list for March:

In between, I am still reading A Storm of Swords, and I'm also halfway through Table for Two by Marla Miniano (and why I still haven't finished it - all 141 pages of it - is a mystery to me). Given these 4 easy, light reads, March will surely be a breeze, so let's get it on! :)

Oh, and this reading challenge is hosted by the pretty Tina, so hop on over to her site for details. Tata!


Tina said…
I have never read Charlotte's Web. :o Gasp.

Yay for E. Lockhart! I'm not sure if you will like it as much as I did, though. Roo is pretty likeable, but she really acts like a teenager. And don't get me started on her "friends".

Happy reading! :)
Monique said…
TINA: Eeep. You can add it to your classics challenge? It's very thin; you'll be done with it in no time.

I'm so looking forward to E. Lockhart, actually. Hehe. :)
Monique said…
Hi Maria!

I knew you'd react that way, haha. So far, so good for the book. :)

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