March 29, 2012

Table For Two

by Marla Miniano

Table For Two is a compilation of short stories about love, told by different characters with different gripes issues and alternating between first and third POVs. I found it interesting in the sense that practically all facets of love were tackled, and the prose was wonderful, too.

Fresh is about a young couple, Mandy and Tristan, who find themselves at a crossroads in their relationship after college graduation. Timeout is about Jill's rather disastrous dating history, thereby causing her younger brother Charles to dish out dating advice for her benefit. All The Best finds a Carl in an attempt to “save” his best friend from what he perceives to be a wrong life-altering decision. This Closure is the story of Lucas and Bettina, “the one that got away,” or so it seems. And finally, Mandy, the female character in the first story, figures once more in Table For Two. Is she going to realize her happily ever after? :)

The stories were quite simple, really. I am sure that every reader will see a part of him/herself in at least one of the stories, because these are real, commonplace situations about people and their experiences on love. My personal favorite is the story of Lucas and Bettina, This Closure. Even though it was told from Lucas' POV, I could pretty much relate to him and the “situation” with Bettina. If you've read the book, you'll have a pretty good idea how an awful experience it must be. :P

I loved the part that all the stories had something in common: the table for two, that special coffee place between the Korean grocery and the appliance store where a story may have begun, may have reached a turning point, or may have possibly ended. And while some of them may not have ended happily ever after, everyone still found something worthwhile, and learned a significant lesson or two in the end. :)

Rating: ★★★


Anonymous said...

I remember one evening at Seattle's Best - SM MOA. I was reading a book, and then the fireworks display commenced. Then I had a strong urge to write a short story to be entitled Table for Two, about a gay couple who recently broke up because of a relationship that's becoming dreadfully empty day after day. The urge was with me even when I was on the way home. I never got to write it. :(

Monique said...

ANGUS: You should've written it! Now that I think about it, I didn't mention that all of the stories in Table For Two were about heterosexual relationships. A gay story such as the one you were contemplating on would have been perfect. For variety. ;)