April 24, 2012

Jane Eyre: The Fourth F2F Book Discussion

After skipping the second and third F2Fs last February and March for lack of lukewarm interest in the books that were discussed, the month of April provided a good reason for me to show up: Charlotte Brontë's classic work, Jane Eyre, was chosen as book for the month. I've been wanting to read this novel for the looooongest time, but I don't seem to have the proper motivation. Thankfully, our book club provided the inspiration I needed. 

No, nobody and nothing got burned. :D

The discussion was held at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf branch at Emerald Ave., Ortigas from 3pm to 7pm. As with all TFG meet-ups, the party did not end when the discussion folded up, but instead continued on to dinner and broke up late. (And as per usual, I had to go home early because of my motherly and wifely duties.) There were almost 30 attendees, including 3-4 newbies (Jamiracu, LS, Aprilyn, and Noelle, as far as I remember), and DC even arrived in a Victorian costume, complete with a braided updo, a hat and gloves! I loved the get-up, and DC for her effort because it was just.so.hot. To arrive in costume, well. That's simply dedication, for me. :)

Because of the sheer number of attendees, our dear moderator Tina deemed it best to break up the group into 3 smaller groups for mini-discussions, with the help of the other moderators K.D., Jzhun and Angus. She allocated a specific time for those mini-discussions, and then everyone gathered again for a recap of what had been discussed in each group. 

The questions posed a challenge for everyone, most especially the ones about Jane's childhood. Personally, the one that I found to be exacting was the question about Mrs. Reeds' authority, and whether Jane was justified in her treatment of her aunt. It also has a lot to do with the lesson Jane's friend in Lowood, Helen Burns, taught her, as well, which I could admittedly appreciate but do not exactly advocate. No, I am not the type who would offer the other cheek for a second slap. :P

The inevitable Rochester-vs-St.-John questions were a hot topic for debate, of course, but the expected basagan-cum-sunugan did not materialize. That would have been a spectacle to behold. :))

Jane Eyre F2F attendees!

In between small conversations with individual members, fruit shakes from CBTL, and Tina's delectable revel bars, I found that I enjoyed the discussion to the hilt. There were no passionate arguments nor heavy exchanges on any one topic (which I sort of missed), but it was a stimulating discourse nonetheless. :)

Oh, and lookie! Beautiful Jane Eyre bookmarks! :) I got all designs but for one - because I grew a conscience, hahaha. :P

Photos, except for the bookmarks, are courtesy of Ella. Until next time! :)


Anonymous said...

I think there's a general fondness for the book, which is why the basagan moments did not occur. And there were too many of us; it would have been a Royal Rumble!

Monique said...

BUDDY: It's also because there were very few people per group to actually have basagan moments. Haha. I had been hoping for a discussion like the one we had with 1984, but I guess that can't be done, considering our number.