Required Reading: APRIL

My March reading list was a blast: I had fun with middle-grade classics and some contemporary YA. And, despite the activities that filled up my calendar (like that Boracay trip with my family), I was able to finish all the books for the month, and some, too. ;)

A recap:

Looks like I was pretty much satisfied with all the titles for March, giving all of them 4 stars out of 5!

I also managed to finish Table For Two by Marla Miniano (a local book, yay!), to which I gave 3/5 stars. Not bad, either. ;)

Now, on to the books for April! :)

This month, I'm reading two Kindle editions and one print book, so instead of my usual photo with the actual books, here's a collage of their covers:

  • Nocturnes by Kazuo Ishiguro ~ One of my most favorite authors, ever. I am completing his works, all of which I intend to read within the year. ;) My copy is my "trial" order from Book Depository. :)
  • American Gods by Neil Gaiman ~ Another super-favorite. It's high time I read his bestselling novel of all time (so some say), especially with all the hullabaloo surrounding this particular full-length work.
  • Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte ~ One of the classic works I've been meaning to read, but haven't had inspiration to pick up until my book club designated it for this month's face to face discussion book. Incidentally, Tina, who hosts this reading challenge, is also tasked to moderate the discussion. Looking forward to it! :)

I decided to have an early head start on Jane Eyre, as this is a chunkster and would definitely take up a lot of reading time. Currently, I'm at 44% of the (free) Kindle edition. I'm also hoping to squeeze in A Storm of Swords after these 3 titles, so I could somehow clear up my currently reading shelf. Holy Week is a good opportunity to make a dent on the TBR list, so I'm crossing my fingers that, between my motherly and wifely duties, I can find time for leisurely reading. :)

How about you? What books comprise your reading list for April? :)


Anonymous said…
Waaah! I'm so inggit! Ishiguro! I think this is your fourth?
Monique said…
Buddy: YES! It is. I've read Never Let Me Go, The Remains of the Day and A Pale View of Hills (thanks to you of course!). :)

When is your birthday again? :D
Lynai said…
Come on, I am sooo late in posting my own required readings for this month. Spell BUSY. Hope to do it over the holidays.

And I'm "inggit" too over your Ishiguros. It's high time for me to try out his books too, I guess. ;)
Monique said…
Hi Lynai, you're excused naman eh! You have more important stuff to do - hello, wedding bells, I can hear them already. :P

And, if you want to read Ishiguro, Never Let Me Go is the best place to start. :)

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