Required Reading: MAY

All weekend, I've been trying to choose which books to include in this month's reading list, and after a quick run-through of my TBR shelf, I think I'm satisfied with my choices. But first, a recap of the April reading list:

Okay, did I cheat violate any rules when I included Jane Eyre in my April reading list? The rules did say that I'm not to include a book that I've already committed to read in another reading challenge, but F2Fs aren't exactly reading challenges, right? Tina?

Anyway. It took me a while to get started on American Gods because I was waylaid by a doorstopper: A Storm of Swords (A Song of Ice and Fire, #3) by George R.R. Martin. But I was very happily waylaid because I loved it - gave it 5/5 stars - and I will try my best to read the last 2 books in the series within the year. It's only May, so I still have 7 months to achieve this goal! :D

Also, I managed to finish reading Melina Marchetta's award-winning YA novel, Jellicoe Road (4/5), before April ended. The members of our book club have chosen it for this month's F2F book discussion, to be moderated by our dear friend Aaron. :)

So! Aside from my April leftover (American Gods), what titles do I have lined up for this month's Required Reading challenge?


  • Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones - I filched this copy from Aaron last year at the TFG 1st anniversary meetup. I think it's high time I read this, since I've been hearing good things about it from people I know.
  • Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes - Chose it for variety, really. :P
  • The Land of Green Plums by Herta Muller - Reading this Nobel winner with my Buddy -- our fourth (yes, FOURTH!) buddy-read after A Passage to India, Gone With The Wind, and The Grapes of Wrath. ;)

My plate is full for this month, yes? Variety is the name of the game. :P


Peter S. said…
Hi, Monique! So are you liking American Gods so far? Are you reading it in time for the HBO TV series? Hehehehe.

I loved American Gods and its somewhat-of-a-sequel, Anansi Boys, although the latter has a totally different feel to it than the former. After I read AG, I just had to Google all the deity references that Gaiman used in his novel. It's that good!
Monique said…
Hi Peter!

I'm done reading roughly 10% of AG, and I am hooked! I think I'll love this book. Then again, I haven't read anything by Gaiman that I didn't love. :)

I didn't know that there's going to be a TV series based on it! I picked it up because I wanted to read a full-length Gaiman - I've only been reading his short story collections and children's books. :)
Anonymous said…
I'd love to read American Gods, even if it would be the only Gaiman that i will ever read.

Hurrah for Herta! This is only a short book, but I hope the writing isn't dragging!
Tina said…
I want to read Howl's Moving Castle too, but the books I have for May are sort of doorstoppers too! :D Maybe next time. :D
Monique said…
BUDDY: No, wait! Don't read AG yet. I'll read all his full-length novels yet, and then I'll tell you the ONLY Gaiman book that you'll read. :P

TINA: Good luck on your doorstoppers! :D
Lynai said…
I'd love to read Howl's Moving Castle too! Hopefully, after this month na lang. Haha. I love the variety in your list. :)

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