And the winner is...

Hello everyone! How was your weekend? I hope everyone stayed safe and dry especially after the lashing that we got last night. :)

It's Monday, and for those who were here to join last week's blog anniversary + new name launch giveaway, I know you're - at the very least - curious as to who won the contest. I will announce the name shortly, but first I have to tell this little anecdote about how my baby girl chose - or did not choose - the winning entry.

Over the weekend, I actually had the comments page printed out, and each entry cut and folded into uniform individual pieces. (There were a total of 10 entries, but I had to disqualify the last two because I did say that I should at least know the people who are joining.. So Not Your Ordinary Teacher and jmss806, sorry guys, but since I don't know you, I couldn't put your entries in. Thanks, though, for the effort!) Then I put everything in the little girl's empty baby wipes dispenser/box, offered it to her this morning before I left for work, and said, "Darling, pick just one for Nanay." 

The little girl stared at the little pieces of folded-up paper, reached into the box and pulled everything out all at once! Haha! I had to do it all over again, and she wouldn't pick just one - she always gets two or three pieces at a time. So I resolved to pick the winner in this manner: the one entry that will be left in the box as she takes them out will be it. :)

Fortunately, on the third try, one entry was left, and that is...

The one that was left on the baby wipes dispenser box. :))

Let me show you a screen shot:

Ingrid, whose recommendation is a Robert Fulghum book. :D

So, congratulations, INGGA! Let me know which book from the list you want, and we can meet at our common mall/tambayan so I can give it to you. :P

To all who joined, thank you so much! I am actually going to look up your individual recommendations for future reading. Cheers and God bless us all. Until next year's blog anniversary! :)


Anonymous said…
Oh, your travel buddy! Congrats, Miss Kenton, I mean Ingrid! :)
Monique said…
BUDDY: Oh, did you hear of our cab driver horror story? Haha!

I didn't even realize na MS. Kenton ang peg ni Ingga nung Saturday. Kasi naman, wala namang heavy eye makeup si Ms. Kenton, hahaha! :))
jzhunagev said…
Congratulations, Ingrid!

Fulghum is one of my favorites too, so you can never go wrong with her recommendation.

Congrats and a belated happy anniversary to your book blog, Monique! Woohoooo! ^.^
Monique said…
JZHUN: Thanks, will check out Fulghum per Ingrid's and YOUR reco as well. :)
Peter S. said…
Ay sayang, hindi ako nanalo! Kainis! Hahahahahaha. That was fun, Monique! See you soon!

Are you moderating a discussion for TFG? I think that will be a blast!
Monique said…
PETER: Hahaha! Thanks for joining Peter. Maybe you can win next year? LOL. :P

Yes, I was designated moderator for November. Malayo pa, I know, but I'm excited! :)
Unknown said…
Thank you Atty. Monique (and Allie)! :D
And Angus and Jzhun :)

No more make-up for "Miss Kenton" then :))
Lynai said…
Congratulations Ingrid! I would've wanted to win but I guess this is YOUR lucky day! :))

And cheers to more blogging years, Atty. Monique! :)
Anonymous said…
Buddy: I haven't! But I hope it's nothing worse than overcharging?

I just realize this now. This would've been a less problematic part of the mechanics:

The remaining piece of raffle entry (the one not drawn by Allie) wins! :D
Yeah, congrats Ingrid! I agree, no more make up for you, young lady. :) Cheers!
Tina said…
Congratulations little sister! :)
Monique said…
INGGA: Allie says you're welcome, haha!

LYNAI: Thank you! :)

BUDDY: My daughter has an issue with authority. Haha!

MARIA: I agree with you on that! :)

TINA: Hi cousin! :D

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