Book Splurge [6]

These were my purchases over the past week: a well-loved classic, an award-winning gay author, and a novel I completely know nothing about except for the fact that there's a character in it named "Archie," short for "Archibald," which is my husband's name except for the B which should be replaced by V, and that my Buddy likes it. A lot.

Free on Amazon. ;)

They say it's 'wild.' I say, how much? :p

I wonder what kind of character Archie is. :))

Read any one from these newest acquisitions of mine? :)


Peter S. said…
Hello, Monique! I read White Teeth years ago and I loved it!

How I acquired my paperback copy is a story in itself. As a very early riser (I wake up every day at 4 am even on weekends), I found myself with nothing to do while in Boracay one very early morning. I decided to have coffee at this quaint cafe. And lo! It has bookshelves with awesome titles for customers to just pick up and read. I grabbed White Teeth and just couldn't stop reading it. I asked the owner if the copy was on sale and the American lady said no, it wasn't. I was so persistent though, that she sold it to me for a bargain. How cool is that?
Monique said…
Hi Peter!

You know, whenever I'm on vacation, I hardly ever visit bookstores. In fact, I don't think, in all my travels, I've ever done that. (I must have been very preoccupied by the sights and food! Haha.) I should probably do that from now on, as I could be rewarded with good finds just like what happened with your copy of White Teeth. :)
Anonymous said…
White Teeth is super fun! It's about ... teeth. As metaphors. I hope you also enjoy it.
Monique said…
BUDDY: I hope so, too. Will just have to wait for the inspiration to pick it up. ;)

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