Book Splurge [8]

My husband and I went on a spa date last Saturday at the Bonifacio Global City branch of our favorite The Spa. While there, of course I can't not drop by my favorite Fully Booked branch. :)

Here's the loot.

I just love how their covers are all green-themed - and look, even the bedsheet background against which I arranged them is also green! :D

Looking forward to reading Gilead, which is recommended by my best bookish buddy. I also plan on reading The Great Gatsby before the movie starring Leo DiCaprio comes out, and I can't wait to read some Austens. By the way, aren't the covers of the Austens very nice? They're part of the Penguin Library Classics edition, and I want them all! :)


Lynai said…
YAY Gilead and The Great Gatsby! Yay to the classics! You sure got a good loot there. By the way, I'm reading The Great Gatsby now. Wala lang, just so you know. Hee. ;)
Anonymous said…
Me plans to buy Emma, Pride and Prejudice, and Sense and Sensibility! And it seems that everyone is changing his/her avatar. Hmm. :D
Tina said…
Persuasion is my favorite Austen. :) Hope you like it! :D
Peter S. said…
I love the Penguin English Library editions! I think I already have 11!
Monique said…
PETER: Oh, I stand corrected: Penguin English Library Editions pala. Haha. Thanks! :)
ooh, The Great Gatsby looked so sophisticated! pretty, pretty covers :)
Monique said…
MARIA: Thanks! It's the cover that attracted me as well. Hehe. You're reading this now right? :)

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