August 29, 2012

So it's my turn

... to moderate a face-to-face (and online) book discussion for the book club on November. I'm so psyched about it, for three reasons: one, we're discussing Elizabeth Kostova's debut and New York Times-bestselling novel, The Historian which I really, really liked for its historical fiction aspect; two, it's my very first time to moderate a discussion for a bunch of intelligent and bookish people; and three, November is my birthday month! :P Since, according to the book club moderators, F2F discussions are pretty much the moderators' “show,” then I am looking forward to doing all the things that I want for this particular discussion. The final date is yet to be determined, but I'm already canvassing restaurants and cafes for the venue. I'm excited! :P

In (giddy) anticipation thereof, I have decided to give away these copies of The Historian: three MMPs, one of which is my very own well-loved copy from a few years back.

The rightmost one is my well-loved copy.

I'm giving them away to the members of the book club who wish to attend but are finding it difficult to secure a copy – and to encourage people to come! A couple of the F2F discussions I've gone to had a good number of attendees, and I can see how it would pose a challenge to keep the discussion ball rolling with a considerable number of attendees, but I think that's the least of my worries. I would actually welcome a good, big number and think of it as everyone coming to celebrate my birthday with me!

However, since these books deserve to have good, caring owners, I'm not just giving them away to anyone who asks (and especially since one of them is my own copy!). I don't have any idea yet regarding the mechanics or rules of choosing the lucky people who will get them, and since the discussion is still a good couple of months away, I'd love to hear your suggestions on how to pick the winners. Of course, I will have to require that the people who will get the books should attend the November F2F. That part is mandatory. :)

Suggestions, anyone? :)


Anonymous said...

Advance Happy Birthday! :D Arriba Kostova! Yey!

Hm, maybe we could show pictures of our old books that are still in good condition? And then good ol' randomizer! Suggestion lang :D it's nice of you to host a giveaway for F2F books! Forever problem XD

Peter S. said...

Happy birthday in advance, Monique!

Ay, I wanna attend! I'm sure you'll be awesome!

Anonymous said...

Advance Happy Birthday!:)

Here's my suggestion, maybe you give it to someone who shares the same birth month as you? Like, uhm, I don't know, me?:D Hahaha. Just joking. I concur with Alexa(Blue)about the randomizer.:) It can keep things simple.:)

Lynai said...

As much as I would love to join in this giveaway, I can't because I am not sure whether I'll be able to attend your birthday celebration/face-to-face discussion. ;)

Anywho, I'll be looking forward to participating in the online discussion. :)

Monique said...

ALEXA: Thanks in advance, and I love your idea! Let me see what I can do with that. :)

PETER: I would LOVE to have you there! :

BENNARD: Another great idea, but since you obviously have a hidden agenda... LOL. Thanks!

LYNAI: I'll look forward to your online participation. ;)

Tina said...

Haha too bad I already bought my own copy. :P But anyway, contest Maybe something related to the book? Like if you were to discover something about your family's past, what do you want it to be? :D Something like that. :)

PETER: Join us! :D

Monique said...

TINA: Thanks! I'm considering everyone's input. Although, baka pag tinamad ako, ipamigay ko na lang to the first people who will ask. Haha. :)

Aaron Vincent said...

Bennard's idea is great. Since it's three copies maybe you can give it someone with October, November, December birthdays? *wink wink*

Or you can give an advanced discussion homework. First three to submit gets it.

But if you will follow your last comment... Um, FIRST DIBS? :P

Monique said...

AARON: And because you were so accommodating when I asked you to be featured on the blog.... you get one copy. Ganun-ganun lang! Haha. :D