The need to post something

... has been eating at me all (long) weekend. Unfortunately, the lack of material hinders me from posting anything. Pardon my non-entry.

I meant to finish reading David Mitchell's number9dream over the three-day weekend, very determined to put an end to my reading slump from which I've been suffering since two weeks ago. But just as I was preparing to snuggle against the pillows come Friday night, I realized one teeny, weeny thing: oh lordie, I forgot my copy of the book in the office! I wanted to tear my hair out in utter frustration. Then comes the realization that I will be number9dream-less for three whole friggin' days, and so I felt like hurling myself out from the balcony. Stupid, stupid me.

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My husband suggested I pick another title in the meantime - “Ang dami-dami mong libro, kumuha ka muna dyan ng iba!” Makes perfect sense, yes? But I just couldn't, you know? Remembering my place in number9dream – I'm now friends with Goatwriter, Mrs. Combs and Pithecanthropus from Study of Tales – made me feel... disloyal if I picked another book in its stead, because I can just feel like there's something awesome that's going to be revealed in this chapter. There's also something about being in the groove of things while reading a novel that will make it difficult to just pick another one. Am I the only one who feels this way? Forgive me, I'm weird like that.

Saturday afternoon, while the little girl was napping, I scoured my purse for my office key and trekked all the way to the office (it's just a couple of blocks away, hee) to retrieve my precious Mitchell. When I got there, guess what? Our utility worker, who last borrowed my office key, returned the wrong one! I couldn't believe at first that the door wouldn't budge – I went so far as to text our secretary if our door knob and dead bolt were changed recently – and when he replied that they weren't, I wanted to die!! &*^%$#@!)(&+  As I dejectedly and heartbrokenly trudged on back home, all I could think of was, well, there goes my long weekend. Reading slump, you win. 

But hey, I can still continue reading number9dream, but it will entail additional expenses. Upon checking the Kindle store, I saw that the digital edition costs $11.69. Okay, more or less P500, and I sort of promised myself not to get it if it costs more than $10. Since it costs more than that, I had to hold my horses.

Oh, hold my horses, my a**.

Desperation and love for Mitchell eventually won. After about, oh, 5 seconds' debate with my nagtitipid self, I bought the Kindle edition anyway. I figured that since it's a Mitchell, I really shouldn't mind.

The long weekend is over, and I managed to read all of the equivalent of 5 pages of my print copy. (For those who know me personally, you'd know the reason why.) There goes my $11.69. Oh well. :)

How about you? Any books you've finished reading over the weekend? :)


Anonymous said…

I feel the same about being disloyal, although I got this habit of reading books concurrently nowadays, especially if the other book is dragging.

I only managed to finish Noli, which is long overdue anyway, and I had to finish it! Two long weekends and only one book finished? Make that two, but 84, Charing Cross Road is such a short book that it barely counts.
Aldrin said…
It didn't once occur to you to just ask me for a FREE copy of the e-book? :p
Monique said…
BUDDY: I can read books concurrently, it just didn't feel *right* this time. Haha! :)

ALDRIN: Oh, it did cross my mind, but I figured you wouldn't want to be bothered (since it's the long weekend). Haha! Thanks for reminding me of that standing offer. :D
Lynai said…
Oh no! I can just relate to your frustration over the keys, haha!

I haven't done much reading too during the long weekend (ex-boyfriend came home) but I'll catch up this week! :)
Tina said…
Aww. I was too busy being out during the two long weekends, so I hardly read. I mean, I finished Noli the morning before the discussion, how about that. :P

The other books I finished were short ones -- ebooks, anthologies, not full-length novels. I've been a slow reader ever since July, and I'm not really sure why. I have bursts of speed every now and then, but then I go back to my pace. :D

And aww, well, I'm not sure if you can still refund the book in Amazon -- there's a set number of days, but I'm not sure how. I had a book refunded before because the publisher sent me a review copy a day after. :D That is, if you still want to return the ebook. :D
Monique said…
TINA: Everyone seems to be in a reading slump lately. *sigh*

Regarding the Kindle edition, it's OK. I'm used to having multiple copies of a single book anyway, so I don't mind. Hehe. :)

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