by David Mitchell 

Nine things about number9dream

1. That was one helluva whirlwind read! Alternating between reality and fantasies-cum-dreams took me for a loop, but I'd gladly do it again. No one can do that to me and totally awe me like Mitchell just did.

2. Is this metafiction? Are there traces of metafiction in this novel? If the answer is yes to either question, then I think I could definitely get used to the genre.

3. "Maybe the meaning of life lies in looking for it."

4. Study of Tales. Story within a story. Within a story.

5. There is no question now about Mitchell's writing talent - to echo a buddy's observation, is there anything the guy couldn't do? He can write convincingly as a different person, all within a single novel. He jumbles and interjects the literal with the figurative. He's like a literary architect who combines various structural motifs to make a fabulous whole.

6. Notwithstanding the reading slump I endured while this book was on my currently-reading shelf, its appeal did not diminish the least bit. That tells a lot about how awesome this book is, doesn't it?

7. It made me curious about John Lennon's song, #9dream, from which the title is derived. Because of this, I'm set to make a playlist devoted solely to songs mentioned in books.

8. The number of references to the Philippines and its citizens brings hope that one of these days, Mitchell will pay a visit to Manila. Fangirl mode!

9. [blank]



Anonymous said…
Can I ask something? Do you think that all of it was just a dream? I couldn't decide for myself kasi, hehehe.
Monique said…
BUDDY: If I could divide the book into reality and dreams, I think that 1/4 of it was the real part, and 3/4 was the dream part. The fact that he went to Tokyo to look for his father was real, I think, and then what happened in between is for you and me to guess. :)
Anonymous said…
Dreams? Story within a story? Is this like Inception? Because, man, that movie gave me a headache. :)

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