Arrivederci, Darcy

Our book club is discussing Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice this coming Saturday.

It's Wednesday today, and I've only read less than 10% of it - oh, probably around Chapter 8 or 9, I think? I can't remember, honestly. I've had it loaded into Candy the Kindle for some weeks now, preparing for Saturday's discussion, but then I had to prioritize rereading The Historian for my F2F on November because it's a bit longer than the previous books we've been reading for the monthly discussions. I actually started reading  Pride and Prejudice last Monday, hoping I could (miraculously) finish it in 5 days, but after the hefty effort of reading just the first parts, I decided to abandon reading it entirely.

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Or, I could pick it up and finish it after my F2F for The Historian.

Yes, I am still attending Saturday's discussion.

How am I going to cope or, at least, relate to the discussion proper? I am currently downloading the 2005 movie adaptation starring Keira Knightley, as I don't have the luxury of time anymore to get the BBC adaptation. I know, I know - it's only substantial compliance, and I feel a teeny bitty guilty about not having read the book prior to attending a discussion. But surely, I can be forgiven, as I have a valid reason for prioritizing another book, yes?


Peter S. said…
Oh, I'm sure you'll do fine, Monique. I haven't read an Austen myself! Hehehehehe. I couldn't get past all those chismis!
Tina said…
LOL, it's okay! I don't think people will hold that against you. :) See you on Saturday!
Monique said…
PETER: Haha, thank you! It's my first time to moderate a book discussion, so I want to make sure I'm prepared! :)

I promise to pick up P&P soon, though. I hate not finishing books!

TINA: Heeeee. See you on Saturday! :)
Lynai said…
I'm forever stuck at 4%! Haha! But I won't be attending the F2F anyway, so I have a valid excuse too? ;)

Too bad I can't be there for The Historian F2F. :(

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