Book Splurge [12]

It's the first day of October, and I have a post up! Yay! :D

Over the weekend, my family and I made a once-in-a-blue-moon trip to Makati (we hate the traffic!) to check a possible venue for the November F2F, which I am tasked to moderate (yay!). While there (I will tell you all about the venue, in a separate post), of course I can't not go to a bookstore, so I made a beeline for the Fully Booked branch at Greenbelt. :D

These are my purchases:

  • Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell - I already have the Kindle edition, and the secondhand pink edition (a gift from my Buddy), but I want what we've taken to calling the "PAG-ASA edition," too. Last week, I've been tweeting Lucy of Fully Booked about reserving a copy for me, but since I couldn't find the time to swing by The Fort, I thought I'd just pick up a copy in Greenbelt and forego my reservation. Plus, I need to reread browse through this in time for Saturday's joint discussion! Spell excited! :D
  • The Perks of Being A Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky - Just curious, I guess, what with the movie already out and all. Aldrin stands by it, so... :D

The last title, Every Day by David Levithan, is purchased from my book club friend Ingrid, who sold me her brand-new copy - and supposedly a souvenir from the MIBF! She has her own reasons for selling it, and I am only too happy to get it since they ran out of stocks at Fully Booked.  

How about you? Any new acquisitions this week? :D


Anonymous said…
Oh dear, I bet I'll be in soupy-brains mode again on Saturday. I lent my copy to Maria. Will try to listen to the audio sent by Miss Louize. :D

And I should also buy a PAGASA edition!
Aldrin said…
Honey also very recently liked Perks (rated it 4/5). Oh, and I've seen the movie twice already. Haha. Hope you like it. :)

P.S. I now blog (sort of) at this URL:
Monique said…
BUDDY: Bumili ka na before the stocks run out again! I don't think I'll get the movie tie-in. The cover sucks. :))

ALDRIN: Okay, let me just see when I can squeeze it in. Unless you're willing to forego our Interpreter of Maladies buddy read so I can start on Perks? :P

Thanks for the new url! :)
Aldrin said…
Of course, I'm more than willing to put off our buddy read for Interpreter of Maladies (or any book for that matter) just so you can start on Perks earlier. Haha. :p
Tina said…
I read Perks when I was fresh out of college, and I liked it very, very much. So much that I lent my copy so others can read it too and I never got it back. Haha! I should replace that copy soon. :)

And yay David Levithan! Been seeing so many good reviews about that book, but I think I'll postpone reading it till February next year...kasi Valentine's. Haha. Since we're both so busy with our current reading schedules. :)

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