Book Splurge [13]

Technically, these books don't qualify for this post, as they're not actually bought but were (1) given as an advance birthday gift (thanks, Tina!) and (2) loaned, with lots of conditions (thanks, Aldrin!). But since they are the closest that I have to book acquisitions for this week, I thought I might as well post them under this category.

  • Honey, Baby, Sweetheart by Deb Caletti ~ On my first blog anniversary post, I asked my readers to join by answering this question:  If I were to go into a bookstore that holds absolutely every single title that has ever been published, what is the one book you would recommend I pick (and insist on reading!) and why? Tina gladly obliged, and gave this book as her answer-slash-recommendation. Before I could get a copy, however, she "did a Tina"* and got me one - for my birthday! Yay! :) 
  • Stoner by John Edward Williams ~ Bookish buddies Angus, Aldrin and Honey (from the FFP) all gave glowing ratings and reviews for this book. My curiosity has been piqued enough to borrow Aldrin's copy when Angus was through with it, but I wasn't, uh, itching to get my hands on it so I could read it right away. But over the weekend, during the informal Cloud Atlas discussion, I asked Honey to choose which between Cloud Atlas and Stoner she loved more, given that she liked both books. When she unflinchingly replied that it was this book, well. That sealed the deal right there. I'm reading this on December, after the November F2F.

* "doing a Tina" means giving away copies of a favorite book to others who may want to read it.


Peter S. said…
Hi, Monique!

I'm an NYRB junkie. I can't help but collect them. I think I mentioned before that I haven't read an NYRB title that I didn't like. They're not widely available, and they're a bit pricey, but they are so worth every peso!

Among the NYRB titles that I've read, Stoner is one of the best. The quiet narrative, the internal turmoil experienced by the main character, the subject matter -- all work beautifully. It's a very satisfying read, I tell you.

A lot of people won't consider Stoner to be a page-turner. For some reason though, I finished it in two days. It's that good!
Anonymous said…
Nice. Wish I could have friends who are willing to lend and give away books, or even appreciate reading as much as I do. Haha.
Monique said…
PETER: Now more than ever, I am looking forward to reading Stoner. :)

JACE: Come and join us at our F2Fs, and you will soon be exchanging books with the members! :)

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