Yes, I will pre-order *you*.

As I was back-reading some tweets early this morning, I read one from Random House about how David Mitchell is "happily bewildered" that people are willing to pre-order his books. The tweet provided a link to an article from which the quote was lifted. Since I couldn't fire up the laptop right away, I had to wait until I got to the office to read the article. I was pretty sure Mitchell is releasing a new book soon, if he had to talk about people pre-ordering his works. 

*sigh* So gwapo, too! :D img src

Well, he isn't - yet. But the article from the LA Times Books website says he's well into the next novel, although there's no definite date for its release yet. In the meantime, I, my co-Mitchell Mafia members and fellow fans will eagerly await the Wachowski siblings' adaptation of Mitchell's genre-bending bestseller, Cloud Atlas.

So excited! :)


Peter S. said…
I'm sure you can't wait for the new novel! I have the same sentiments with Ian McEwan.
Monique said…
PETER: Yes. A hundred times yes. :D
stalker stalker! haha! must watch Cloud Atlas! woot!

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