The Spark Project [9]: LOUIZE

One of the things that took a (temporary) backseat when I undertook on the role of book club discussion moderator recently was my regular posting of The Spark Project features. This particular post has actually been sitting in my drafts folder for several weeks now, waiting to be published, and now that I'm done with the F2F discussion, I am finally back in the groove of things - same goes for this features project. :)

The Spark Project is a monthly blog feature where a reader and/or book blogger is invited to talk about that one book that sparked his/her interest in books and reading. He/She will tell us about the what-when-where-why-and-how of this topic, how his/her reading habits have evolved since encountering that book, and so on. Wouldn't it be fun and interesting as well to know how a fellow book lover discovered the wonderful world of books? :)

LOUIZE is one of the resident mommies of the book club - she, in fact, practically considers every younger member as her own "anak." She is that person whom everyone goes to for sound advice, and rest assured that she is always ready and willing to lend a hand in any way she can. Deeply spiritual, you can always trust Louize in that respect.

As a fellow mom, I have always been personally fond of her, especially since we both have girls. As a bookworm ("Reading is my only vice."), she explores a variety of genres, but it is always fun to discuss our common love for Neil Gaiman. :) She keeps a tumbler account, where she records a thought on each page. ;)

Read on to find out about the book that sparked her love for reading. :)

Puckering up! :D

(1) What is the one book that sparked or kindled your love for reading? Describe the circumstances in which you found or discovered it.

Reading came naturally to me even as a child, since it was encouraged in the family. I never regarded it as special or something to take note of, simply something every child should be doing. I went through the usual kid’s reading stuffs, too. I loved fairy tales, fables, and adventurous tales.

When High School came, I did not read the fad then, no “Sweet Valley High”, nor “Goosebumps”, or “The Baby-Sitter Club”. One classmate introduced me instead to Barbara Cartland’s historical romances. She had piles of them, and let me borrow more than generously. I did enjoy them. And then, I came across Shanna by Kathleen Woodiwiss, from a 2nd hand bookseller in Recto Avenue, Manila. Shanna was not the average historical romance, though. It has mystery, adventure, and plenty of action. I can’t exactly remember how many times I’ve read it.

(2) How has it affected you - both your life in general and as a reader?

How it affected my life was a little complicated. You see, the protagonists of this story were both stubborn. The first one was so determined that she defied her father to marry the next convenient suitor, and then found the man best suited for her heart, in a most unconventional manner. The second protagonist was so stubborn to win the girl of his heart to a point that he tolerated a life of bondage, and fought-off pirates just to prove his love for her.

This book taught me how to be stubborn in a manner of speaking. It showed me that I can fight for my heart desires and be happy. But it taught me why it’s important to make sacrifices, too. That life is a challenge in or out of the book. And so, I have to be prepared for anything thrown at me, and make contingencies.

There was a quote in Anna Quindlen’s book, How Reading Changed My Life, “Books are the plane, and the train, and the road. They are the destination, and the journey. They are home.”

Well, after I read Shanna the first time, I felt like I found my place in this world. And I know exactly who I am –a book lover, not just a mere reader anymore. Inside every book I read is my home.

 Very well said, Louize!  Thank you so much for agreeing to be featured in this project!


Want to be featured in The Spark Project, as well? Shoot me an email over at moniquedemata{at}yahoo{dot}com. No book club membership or book blog requirement in order to be featured, okay?  Ciao! :)


Peter S. said…
Oh, so this is Louize! When I mentioned that you two look alike, I was referring to a completely different person pala.

Anyway, I'm happy that you're continuing with this monthly feature! So many persons to write about and the books that are important to them!
jzhunagev said…
Yey, 'Nay Louize! ^.^ *woot, woot!*
bennardfajardo said…
I love this feature of yours, Monique.:) I learn a lot about the people in our book club and about books, in general.:)

Monique said…
PETER: Oh no. You are confusing me with a lot of people, hahaha! :)

JZHUN: Don't we all love her? :)

BENNARD: Thank you! And soon, it will be YOUR turn. Hehe. :D
Louize DG said…
Yay! Thank you for this feature, Monique.
And, I do ❤ you guys too, of course!!!
Anonymous said…
Yay! The project is back, and I'm glad to have just read about one of the most likable people in club.

It showed me that I can fight for my heart desires and be happy. But it taught me why it’s important to make sacrifices, too. That life is a challenge in or out of the book. And so, I have to be prepared for anything thrown at me, and make contingencies. - I love this part. :)
Lynai said…
Very wonderful article about one of my most favorite TFG member!

Hi, Louize! :)
Monique said…
BUDDY: I didn't forget the feature! I just had to prioritize a little. But yay, it's back! :D

And I love that part, too. :)

LOUIZE: You're welcome! :)

LYNAI: Thanks! :D
Tina said…
Late comment is late. Yay Ninang! :) Hihi. I also liked what Angus quoted in his comment. :)
wow. I read Kathleen Woodiwiss (A Rose in Winter) when I was in college already, i think. :)

hooray for Louize!

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