Who wants one?

You do? Then you know what you ought to do, right?

If not, here's a step-by-step guide: :D

Step 1: Get a copy of Elizabeth Kostova's The Historian.

Step 2: Read it!

Step 3: Attend the F2F discussion on November 17th. Here are the discussion thread, the event thread, and the event invite for further details.

Step 4: Participate in the discussion proper. (Oh yeah. You read that right. :D)

Step 5: I also prepared an activity for everyone, for the after-discussion part. Those who are not able to take part in the discussion proper are required to participate in this one, ayt? Here are the mechanics. ;)

A major character in the book stated this passage: “The past is very useful, but only for what it can teach us about the present. The present is the rich thing.”

ACTIVITY: Our past is our history. Take a look back into your own history and share with us something in it that taught you and helped shape your present into the "rich thing" that it is.

This nifty little mug is only one of a number of The Historian goodies I'll be giving away, so again, you know what you ought to do, yes?

See you on the 17th! :D


Tina said…
*raises hand* Wee, I want! :D Yay can't wait for the 17th :)
Anonymous said…
Now THAT should inspire me to finish the book. Yay!
Monique said…
Thanks, Tina and Angus! I knew I could count on you guys, hahaha! :D
Peter S. said…
Bigla naman akong na-stress! Hehehehe.

See you, Monique!
Monique said…
Hi Peter! Wag ka na ma-stress - I'll call on you last, hahaha! Kidding. :D
Lynai said…
Aaay. Sad naman ako. Wala bang online raffle for online participants? Hihihi. ;)

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