My 2012 Books

This morning, I checked my Goodreads online shelves and found that I was able to read 48 books for 2012, excluding the one I'm currently reading. In descending order, here are the 48 books, including two rereads (The Historian and The Remains of the Day) and our book club's folio, After the Birthday Party.

And here are the books which I rated with 5 stars, making them the best reads of the year for me:

With such awesome reads in 2012, I am now looking forward to an equally good reading year in 2013! Who cares about the Mayans and their calendar? :P


    Anonymous said…
    Five Mitchells in a year and five stars per book? Hurray!
    bennardfajardo said…
    Mitchell and Ishiguro dominated the post! I must really start in reading more of their work soon.:D
    Monique said…
    BUDDY: I know right! Hehe. :)

    BENNARD: And Eugenides! Don't forget to put him in your priority list! :D
    Peter S. said…
    What a wonderful year in reading that you had, Monique! Here's to more books in 2014!
    Lynai said…
    This post reminds me to push Flowers for Algernon at the top of my t-read list for next year. And David Mitchel books too! :)

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