December 3, 2012

Required Reading: DECEMBER

November was a busy, busy month that I barely had enough time to read for pleasure. There's the fact that I moderated the book club's face-to-face discussion of The Historian. There's the fact that I celebrated my birthday the weekend right after the F2F, and then a couple of days later, my family and I flew to Hong Kong for a four-day holiday. Sure, I brought a book along with me to read during the trip, but I didn't have that much extra time, either. The consequence of all these, therefore, is a very dismal reading month.

The only book I ever got to finish reading?

And the ever-increasing backlog stands at: 

I think I ought to make these books a priority for the first quarter of 2013, yes?

For this month, I really couldn't think of any book to put on my reading list. Perhaps my miserable performance for the last few months is keeping me from picking titles to read in December, despite it being Christmas and all. So I will just stick with the one book that everyone in the book club is required to read for our December F2F, and that is Charlie and The Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl. 

Should I finish this early or just in time for the F2F, I will just pick up another book, read it, and then consider it added to my December reading list. :D

Happy Christmas! :)


Anonymous said...

I finished two books last November, and they are both book club reads. Hehe. :D

Anonymous said...

Your cover of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is so cute!!

Monique said...

BUDDY: What miserable readers we are, haha!

ALEXA: I know right! ;)