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Since our Hong Kong trip last November, at which time I bought some metallic Disneyland character bookmarks and an entire bunch for some friends back home, I thought of having a new features post on the blog devoted to them: bookmarks! Bookmarks from abroad, bookmarks I bought or gifts from friends, handmade bookmarks, metallic bookmarks, magnetic bookmarks, any and all kinds of bookmarks. I figured that since I've been hoarding collecting them anyway, why not make a special feature about them, too?

First for this feature: the Hong Kong bookmarks I purchased last year.

These are the metallic Disneyland bookmarks which were not on display at any of the gift shops scattered all over the park. I had to go to Main Street and ask the salesladies for assistance ("Do you have bookmarks? Any kind at all."). Fortunately, they did have these, and so I bought a bunch. These are Goofy, Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. As if you didn't know already. :D

These are Chinese characters which mean "double happiness." A few hours before our return flight, I was scouring the Page One branch at Harbour City Mall for bookmarks. You know, old-fashioned cardboard or paper, Hong Kong-ish bookmarks. Page One disappointed me! They only had those small magnetic bookmarks with animated things and such on them. Boo.

Fortunately, as I was on my way out (and feeling so dejected at that), I saw this small cards and gifts shop near the entrance and tried it out. These are what I found. Happiness! :)

More bookmarks soon! Want to share some? :D


Louize DG said…
That's what I do too. Instead of refrigerator magnets, I collect bookmarks from places I've been to.
Monique said…
Hi Louize!

I only got the idea during our HK trip. Matagal na rin kasi akong di nakaka-abroad, hehehe. :)
where's my bookmark from HK? :( demanding lol!

i like this feature, Monique!
Tina said…
Pretty bookmarks! I promise to get you one from my trip! :)

One I started doing when I went to Europe was check out the bookstores. I'm totally planning to do that on other out of the country trips. :)
Tina said…
Oh and I know I already posted about this in Instagram, but I really, really love the double happiness bookmark. :)

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