Book Splurge [18]

It was not in the agenda to visit any bookstore, much less buy anything for myself, when I went to the mall yesterday. See, my little girl has been under the weather for a few days now, and I only had to run some errands for her (read: buy medicines, pick up a couple of items at the grocery, get some Jollibee french fries for pasalubong). But when I remembered that it was a Wednesday yesterday, and that the Book Sale branch there, which replenishes their stock on Wednesdays and Sundays and is located right smack in front of the drugstore and beside the grocery, I thought it won't hurt to take a look. Just a peek? A teeny weeny bit? :D

The teeny weeny peek yielded these:

I was quite literally hogging a number of trade paperbacks in my arms aside from those pictured above (One Day by David Nicholls, The Black Book by Orhan Pamuk, White Noise by Don DeLillo). When I was done snatching titles off the shelves, it was then that I realized that I had to pick only the ones that I really, truly want to read and, more importantly, will make time to read. After much thought, I decided to chuck return Nicholls, Pamuk and DeLillo (it turned out I already had White Noise anyway [a Christmas gift from Rhennard], thanks to the Goodreads app on my phone) and settled on these:

  • Cutting For Stone by Abraham Verghese - I read a sample of this on Candy the Kindle some couple of years back, but never got around to purchasing it until I had completely forgotten about it. Lucky to have found one on sale!
  • The Tiger's Wife by Tea Obreht - One of those books that has, for the longest time, intrigued me, but which I wouldn't purchase for the full price.
  • Major Pettigrew's Last Stand by Helen Simonson - This book keeps popping up on my "recommended titles" in my Amazon account, and just last year I saw a hardbound copy for 50% off at NBS. I don't know why I hesitated buying it. Perhaps it's because I was bound to come across a much cheaper copy anyway? ;)

That was one of the best teeny weeny peeks I've done in my life. Heeee. :D


Lynai said…
Awesome finds, Monique! I visited Booksale yesterday (after several months of hibernating :D) and thought I'd buy some pregnancy books. But when I browsed one, I got scared with chapters about labor haha! I went out empty-handed. :D
Monique said…
LYNAI: Thanks! :)

For pregnancy and motherhood books, I highly recommend the What To Expect series. They were my "bible" from pregnancy up until now! :)
Anonymous said…
Eek! You chucked The Black Book? That's Pamuk's masterpiece (and I love My Name Is Red, the book you gave me two Christmases ago).
Monique said…
BUDDY: I went back for it kaso it was bought na raw that same day. I didn't know, sorry naman! Haha.

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