Bookmarks Galore [9]

These recent additions to the collection are also from Asian countries: Japan and Cambodia. They're gifts from a not-so-recently engaged couple - Jigs, my officemate, went on a tour in Japan with his family last May while his fiancee, Alessa, toured Cambodia with some of her girlfriends a couple of weeks ago.

This one is my first bookmark from Japan. I love how simple it is. :)

Mt. Fuji depicted in larger detail at the back of the bookmark.

My other officemate and one of my absolute favorite persons, Ange, has already given me a Cambodian bookmark a few months ago, and I'm glad to get a couple more! These are from Alessa. The one at the left also doubles as a paper clip. Love it. :)

Two more Cambodian bookmarks! Yay!


Peter S. said…
I bet you don't actually use these beautiful bookmarks, yes?
Monique said…
PETER: They're too pretty to be used! Haha. :)
dementedchris said…
I love that you have a bookmark collection! My bookmarks are usually the nearest bus ticket or boarding pass that I can find haha.
Monique said…
CHRIS: Hi Chris! I started collecting them but I hardly ever use them. Not these foreign ones. :)

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