September 30, 2013

Bookmarks Galore [11]: Europe!

I've never been to Europe, and I could only imagine its grandeur and beauty through the books I read, the pictures I see, and the stories shared by friends who have been fortunate enough to have been there. Add one more: I get to "experience" Europe through these bookmarks that have been so generously given by the most awesome people. :)

One of my college friends went on a European tour recently and while there, I messaged him via Twitter to pick up a Parisian bookmark for me. I didn't know they were on a tour and thought they were only in France for a time, so I didn't ask for a bookmark per country on their itinerary. That's why I'm so glad when he sent me these - a French and a Belgian bookmark.

When I got them, I thought "Brugge" was another city or locality in France. My friend corrected me and only then did I learn that "Brugge" or Bruges is the capital and, according to my friend, the "nicest city in all of Flanders" in Belgium. By far, the lace bookmark is one of my favorites.

The Parisian bookmark, with its depiction of the Eiffel Tower and a bunch of roses on a wrought-iron rail, is also very pretty.

On the other hand, these bookmarks from Rome were specially hand-delivered by the younger sister of one of my college friends, who is now based in Rome with her family. I messaged her one time on a social networking site asking for bookmarks on her next vacation in the country, but didn't realize she would send a bunch right away!

The one on the far left is actually a pack of 12 bookmarks featuring the more famous works of Italian artist Leonardo Da Vinci: Mona Lisa, Virgin of the Rocks and The Vitruvian Man (featured on the photo), among others. The two bookmarks in the middle are of the Colosseum and St. Peter's Square, which I also love because the images are actually embossed on the paper. And finally, the one of Pope Francis on the rightmost side, with a blessing on the dorsal portion, is my favorite of the lot.

Thank you, my wonderful friends! :)

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