Required Reading 2013: September

If you’re from the Philippines, the first day of September heralds the (un)official start of the Christmas season – I don’t know how or why it began, but the “-ber” months are truly Christmastime in my country. So, Merry Christmas! :D

September, during my time, was also the bar exams month; now they’ve moved it to October. September is also the month when several bookish affairs/events are scheduled: there's the annual Manila International Book Fair, which is now on its 34th year, and there’s the National Book Store cut-price book sale. For bookish people, therefore, September is also the month we are at our poorest – financially speaking - and happiest. :)

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August was a pretty good reading month. I finished reading all the titles in my list, and more:

  • Unseen Moon by Eliza Victoria - Eerie things, dark secrets. 4/5
  • It's a Mens World by Bebang Siy - Brutal truths, maintaining innocence. 3/5
  • Tall Story by Candy Gourlay - Sibling love. Book club book for the month. 3/5
  • Stoner by John Williams - Quiet dignity. 5/5
  • This Is How You Lose Her by Junot Diaz - Cheating is cheating is cheating. 4/5
  • Sandman, Vol. 1: Preludes and Nocturnes by Neil Gaiman - Deliciously dark magic! 5/5

So, without further ado, here's my reading list for the month of September:

  • Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov - The book club's book for the month. I am so ready for this book.
  • The Book of Other People edited by Zadie Smith - A collection of short stories from brilliant authors (including my favorite David Mitchell) compiled and published for a cause.

How about you? Which books are you reading this month? :)


Anonymous said…
Bed sheet and Lolita love! LOL, I sound like a troll. Have fun in reading Lolita. I'm excited to hear everyone's views on it. :)
Monique said…
BUDDY: LOL'ed at that comment, haha! I think I campaigned for Lolita so I'm really excited to read it. Finally.
Peter S. said…
Nabokov! Woot woot! He's one of my favorites! And Lolita is one of 2 of my favorite Nabokov. The other one is his collected short stories. Such a wonderful reading experience, those 2 books are!
Monique said…
PETER: Looking forward to reading Lolita, now more than ever. ;)
Louize DG said…
Some friends have recommended Zadie Smith's White Teeth and NW before. I don't know why I haven't pick her up yet.
Monique said…
MOMMY LOUIZE: I have a copy of White Teeth! We can read that together if you want. Do you have a copy already? I see lots sa mga Book Sale outlets. :)
Louize DG said…
I'll hunt for a copy soon. :)
Lynai said…
Oh wow, short stories! :)
bennardfajardo said…
Hooray for your books this month! I hope you enjoy Lydia Davis' works. I am looking forward to your reaction to The Book of Other People since your thoughts might put the said book to the top of my TBR.:D
Tin said…
Although I am easing my way into literary fiction, I avoid those that fall under Russian Lit and Man Booker. Haha. But I must really try them again sometime. Perhaps a David Mitchell. :)

Have a Happy September! :D
Monique said…
LYNAI: I need to read short story collections for my F2F next year. I need to narrow down my choices to three. Hihi. :D

BENNY: Thanks! So far, The Book of Other People is a mish-mash of good and not-so-good stories. I'm hoping there will be more of the former, though. :)

TIN: May I recommend Ghostwritten or Cloud Atlas for your first Mitchell? ;)

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