Filipino Friday 2013 [2]: Kids and Books

It's the second week of Filipino Friday, and I love this week's topic: children's books!

Without further ado, here are the questions for this week:

What were your favorite books as a kid or while you were growing up? Do you still read children’s books? If you could give your younger self a book to read, what would it be?

Okay, let me answer those questions one at a time.

What were your favorite books as a kid or while you were growing up? My favorite book as a kid is the same book that started me off on reading: the classic work by L. Frank Baum, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

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As I have mentioned here, I was poking around my parents' study back when I was a young grade-schooler when I stumbled upon a hardcover edition of this masterpiece. Because I had a lot of time on my hands then (I'm thinking it might have been the summer vacation, although I really can't remember now), I opened the book, began reading, and that was how it all began for me.

Growing up, I read series books like Nancy Drew Mystery Files, The Hardy Boys Case Files, Choose Your Own Adventure, and Sweet Valley High. I would borrow from my (rich) classmate, who had new Choose Your Own Adventure books every week. However, my favorite books would have to be the Sweet Dreams series, which are now out of print and difficult to find. I have started collecting them several years back, and I am only a few titles shy of completing them. I wrote all about my collection here. :)

Do you still read children's books? Oh yes! I love Neil Gaiman's stories. I also enjoy Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events series. And because I have a preschooler who I am raising to become a reader herself, I don't think I will ever outgrow this love for reading children's books. :)

If you could give your younger self a book to read, what would it be? Hmm, I think I would give younger Monique all the books by Dr. Seuss, because I realized that I missed out on those books when I was a child.

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I cannot wait for my little girl to be introduced, as well!

For more readers-who-love-children's-books, hop on over to the Filipino Reader Con site and say hello! :)


Peter S. said…
Hi, Monique! If it weren't for FFP's choosing Dr Seuss as discussion books, I wouldn't have read Dr Seuss as well. Oh well... Better late than never, yes?
Kat said…
I love Wizard of Oz! I first read it because it was a required book during grade 2. I got hooked on it and tried to read everything in the series.

My favorite Dr. Seuss book is "Oh, the Places You'll Go!"
Justine said…
Dr. Seuss! How could I have missed out on Dr. Seuss in my own post? Haha! I *did* read Dr. Seuss when I was a kid and I loved the wackiness and the rhythm of the words. Dr. Seuss makes you listen for words and gets a kid familiar with syntax. My kids' current favorite Dr. Seuss book is Are You My Mother?
Lynai said…
Didn't I say that I would read The Wizard of Oz? Ack. I really really really should read it asap.

And yes to reading children's books until now. Our little girls need all the good recommendations from us. ;)
Anonymous said…
I love The Wizard of Oz movie but I haven't read the book yet. I've missed reading a lot of classic children's book when I was a kid. And I love Neil Gaiman, too!! He's a genius! :)
Louize DG said…
Neil Gaiman fan trolling here! :)
Unknown said…
I love Neil Gaiman's Stardust and Neverwhere! The Ocean at the End of the Lane was pretty cool too. :)

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