F2F26 Activities

As this month's F2F moderator for the book club, I am excited for this first activity that I have lined up for my bookish friends.

Activity #1: The F2F26 Post-Valentine Exchange

Our first activity for F2F26 involves Valentine and gifts/tokens. (view spoiler) Nothing cheesy here guys, so read on before you groan or roll your eyes at me. :P

How does it work?
The participants in this activity are required to bring three Valentine tokens for three friends, and (hopefully) receive three Valentine tokens in return. Why three? Just to make sure that everyone gets at least one – some people may confirm their attendance at the F2F and then back out at the last minute, so we don’t want anyone to go home empty-handed.

(1) First, GO TO THIS PAGE and SIGN UP no later than February 12, Wednesday. EDIT: You can write your answers to the last question on the same field as the one with your favorite items. :D
(2) On Valentine’s Day, February 14, those who signed up will receive a message from me with the names of the three friends they will give Valentine tokens to.
(3) The Valentine exchange will happen on February 22, the F2F26, after the discussion.

What sort of token should I bring?
Anything goes – use your imagination! Anything made/created by you would be especially lovely, but if you don’t have the time or creative juices to put something together, you can buy something special instead, and embellish (or not, it’s still okay). It could be as simple as a note or a Valentine card with a short message, as sweet as a jar of homemade cookies or a slice of store-bought cake, or as generous as a brand-new book or a gift certificate from a favorite bookstore. If you’re the scrapbooking or artsy-fartsy type, you won’t run out of ideas. You can get ideas from the short questionnaire that everyone filled up in the sign-up form. Be creative! For as long as it’s made/bought with love, it’s good to go.

What else do I need to know?
Deadline for filling up the form is on Feb 12, absolutely no extensions. Please also make sure that you will be present at the F2F. This is the reason why I’m announcing it as early as today – so that you guys can take note and clear your schedule, and make up your mind about going.

Activity #2: Wear Your Love

Our next activity for the F2F26 is what I call Wear Your Love. Yes, we're not only going to talk about love, but we're also going to literally wear love! Or, at least, our respective ideas of what it is. :)

We all have our ideas/definitions/opinions about what love means to us. For this activity, wear the clothes that shows us your definition of love, or at least a close approximation or a part of that definition. It could be by way of design, print, text, color combination, texture, etc.

For example, if you feel that love is a luxury, wear designer clothes. If you think that love is for everyone to see, wear flashy colors. If you have a shirt with a distinct design or statement that reveals your love definition, wear that. Or if you have a shirt with a text or design that describes the object/s of your love, that would definitely work. It's really all up to you: how you define love and your interpretation of it - then show up at the F2F wearing it. ;)

Map of the venue via Roxas Boulevard:

And finally, Activity #3: I Appreciate You Day

Valentine's Day isn't just about romantic love, is it? It is also a time to share love with our friends, celebrate friendship, and let them know how much we appreciate them.

This final F2F activity is not going to happen on the discussion day itself, rather, it's all for here and NOW. Consider this thread as our 'I APPRECIATE YOU' BOARD where you can post messages, notes, and whatnot to people in the book club (or the book club in general).

Happy Valentine's Day, bookish friends!


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