Bloggy Birthday Month + A Giveaway

While I was staring at my laptop last night, the browser open to this blog and my brain refusing to cough up a decent write-up for the next book on my "review" backlog, I realized something: it's my book blog's third year anniversary this month!

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Last year, I didn't do anything fancy to celebrate marginalia's second birthday. This year, I'm going to host a giveaway to celebrate - just because I want to. :p

On the comments section of this post, let me know which book is your favorite read for this year, so far, and in just one sentence, why. Just one book, okay? :)

Only one winner will be picked at midnight of July 26th, Philippine time - marginalia's 3rd bloggy birthday! The winner gets to pick any book (yes, any book at all, just one!) from The Book Depository and will be notified via this blog so yes, check back here on the 26th. :) Oh, and this giveaway is open to Philippine residents only. :)

Aren't bloggy birthdays fun? :D


Aldrin said…
The City & The City by China MiƩville: a literary mindf*ck of the highest order.

Happy third blogiversary! :D
Aaron Vincent said…
Happy bloggybirthday! :)

That's easy: The City & The City! It was not only a book that I've read but a cerebral experience that I'm glad I had.
(So it's really just me who did not like The City & The City? lol)

The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey - because it is full of humanity you don't usually find in alien books. =)


Happy blogoversary!
Anonymous said…
Happy Blogversary! You're tempting me to do a giveaway in my own blog. I've never done it before. :)

My favorite read so far is Charles Portis' True Grit. It's a mixture of humor and nailbiting action, narrated by one of the most perfect first person narrators I've ever read.
Lynai said…
It's so hard to choose!!!

Okay, for now, I'll settle with Sarah Addison Allen's The Sugar Queen. Because it was the first I've read this year and it's all butterflies and cakes and chocolates. :)

Happy bloggy birthday, Monique! Cheers to more years of book blogging! :)
Louize DG said…
Happy bloggy birthday, marginalia!

It has to be The City and the City by China MiƩville, because it's crazy genius! :)
bennardfajardo said…
This is actually quite hard but I'll have to go with Ian McEwan's Atonement because it's the kind of book that reminds me why I love reading.

Happy bloggy birthday, Marginalia!
Anonymous said…
That's so easy! Attachments by Rainbow Rowell. Because it's so bleech!

Oh, not the worst read? Best, you say? Tenth of December by George Saunders. Because the stories in this collection are funny, riveting, unique, touching, and unforgettable.

Pas de bourree, pas de bourree. Joyeux anniversaire, marginalia!
Anonymous said…
My favorite read for the first half of this year is Atonement because I loved the characters, the beautifully written prose, the moving story and the film adaptation.

Happy third birthday to your blog, Monique!
Anonymous said…
Happy third bloggy birthday, Marginalia!

My favorite: The Sandman: Brief Lives by Neil Gaiman (or the whole Sandman Saga!) because... it's Neil Gaiman.
Tin said…
Ack! I missed the bloggy birthday! But, belated happies!!!! I really enjoy coming by Marginalia!

Okay, mine is We Learn Nothing: Essays by Tim Kreider because I found the writing to be intelligent and funny and reflective and piercing...

Let's make a toast of Arbor Gold ulit? :D
Anonymous said…
I wasn't able to read challenging books as much this year so I can't give literary recommendations like the others <3
Unknown said…
Happy Blogoversary!

My favorite read so far is Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas. I love kick ass characters and the story is just so great! :)
Unknown said…
Probably Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell! I can relate to it so much!
Rollie said…
Just dropping by to say Happy birthday to your blog.:)

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