Bookmarks Galore [16]

My good friend from law school, Atty. Chai, went on a tour to the US a few months ago, and she brought me these lovely, lovely bookmarks from all the states she visited. I love them all, although my favorite is the sailboat and anchor bookmark from New York. :)

Here they are: eight bookmarks from the the United States. :)

The 3D bookmark from the "concrete jungle where dreams are made of" - NYC!

A 3D bookmark from Sacramento, the capital of the Golden State of California, depicting various USA landmarks.

Colorful casino-themed 3D bookmark from Las Vegas, Nevada.

A collage of photographs showing famous landmarks is featured in this bookmark from Washington, D.C. :D

Pablo Picasso's Woman Ironing (La repasseuse), Paris, spring 1904, oil on canvas | Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York

Peace from Delaware! Another 3D bookmark.

Sailboat and anchor metal bookmark from New York. My favorite.

Magnetic bookmarks from sunny Los Angeles, California.

Thank you, Atty. Chai, for the thoughtfulness. Until your next tour, wherever that may be! ;)


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