Required Reading 2014: October

Oh, what I wouldn’t give to experience the turning and falling of the leaves in autumn! Someday, I will. For now, though, I will content myself looking at pretty photos or videos of bronzed leaves falling away from the trees as soon as October rolls around.

And Halloween! Suddenly everyone is busy preparing for the few days that connect and transition October to November. This year, though, Halloween is more exciting for me because it’s my daughter’s first trick-or-treat party in school! I’m excited to put together a costume for her. I'm thinking that she could go as one of these three things: a pink pirate, a Lalaloopsy character (her favorite dolls), or a cowgirl. What do you think? :)

Anyway, I have some new titles on my reading list for October, but before that, a recap of my September books:

  • The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell – The latest genre-defying, mind-bending novel from one of my favorite authors of all time. Nothing but 5/5 stars.
  • The Yellow-Lighted Bookshop by Lewis Buzbee – The second traveling book of the book club. Loved the historical bits! Quite interesting. 4/5 stars.
  • The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry by Gabrielle Zevin – The book club’s book of the month which, unfortunately, I was unable to read because my copy is still with my friend. Thankfully, she was able to attend the joint discussion with another book club. [Carry-over.]
  • The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton – Currently on page 505 of 832. So far the book I've been reading for the longest period this year. I can do this! [Carry-over.]

And now, for October:

  • The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat and Other Clinical Tales by Oliver Sacks – The book club’s book of the month under the genre popular science, to be moderated by Kristel.
  • Ex Libris by Anne Fadiman – The book club’s third traveling book.
  • Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson – My second “I Dare You To Read” book, which is also my friend Maria’s worst read for 2013. This should be interesting!
  • The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton – Carry-over.

How about you? Have you listed any books to read for this month?

Advance happy Halloween!


Lynai said…
Lalaloopsy for Allie! :)

Like I said, I will watch out for your posts on Speak. I gave it 3 stars but Maria's rating really intrigued me haha!

Abd, Bone Clocks is genre-defying? DM surpassed hinself in Cloud Atlas? Must. Read. Bone Clocks.

Happy October, Monique! Soon, it will be your favorite month. :)
Anonymous said…
Uh, I had to look up Lalaloopsy and yes, my vote goes to it!

I haven't made a physical list of books to read this month (I stopped the practice) but my mental list has Americanah.
Tin said…
I had to Google Lalaloopsy too. Haha. But I'd go with the pink pirate because then you can make her say Avast! Aye Aye! and Arrrrrr! Or "What is Dead may Never Die." XD

And OMG Bone Clocks. Soon. The Luminaries. Not Soon. Haha. :)

Louize DG said…
Hoping to read The Bone Clocks soon! :)
Anonymous said…
Googled Lalaloopsy too. Hehe! But I'll go for cowgirl like Jessie in Toy Story. :)

Still thinking if I'll queue for Ex Libris too. Might wait first for The Yellow-Lighted Bookshop before signing up to that.
Monique said…
LYNAI: I know the premise of Speak and it sounds interesting enough to me. It also didn't escape my attention that it won a YA award. So I have high hopes for that book. ;)

BUDDY: Next trip to the bookstore = get Americanah. :)

TIN: Hahahaha! I just finished reading The Luminaries and OMG, if you could spare time for an 800+ page doorstopper, I would highly recommend this. :)

MOMMY L: Yay for DM! :)

MELIZA: Sign up ka na, it'll take a while before it reaches you naman eh. Maybe by then you'd have already forgotten about it. ;)

ALL: Thanks for Googling Lalaloopsy, hahaha! But I found the perfect pirate costume for her na. Yay! :D

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