Required Reading 2014: December

It's the final required reading post for the year! I have plans to change it up a little next year since the creator of the original meme has, for the meantime and because of work constraints, taken a hiatus from book blogging. It will still be the same reading lists that I come up with every month (because I find it fun choosing books to read and taking photos of them too, haha) so it's just a little tweaking with the name and feature images. :)

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How's December treating everyone? As I write this, the metro is bracing for the arrival of typhoon Ruby (international name: Hagupit) as it traverses the island of Luzon from the Visayas. Stay safe and keep dry if you can, friends, and let's prepare for the worst.

So how did my November reading go? I went on a Gaimaniac reading month last month, so let's find out what happened:

  • Anansi Boys - Fat Charlie and Spider. A family reunion. 4/5
  • The Sandman, Volumes 2-10 (Graphic Novels)
The Doll's House - 5/5
Dream Country - 4/5
Season of Mists - 5/5. So far my favorite from the series. Includes a short discourse on Heaven and Hell.
A Game of You - 5/5
Fables and Reflections - currently reading.
Brief Lives
World's End
The Kindly Ones
The Wake

As for the rest of the Sandman graphic novels, from Brief Lives down to The Wake, they will all be read this month as well.

And for this month, in line with the Shakespeare month at the book club (and in view of my Sandman graphic novels backlog), here's the lone book on my December reading list:

  • Twelfth Night: or, What You Will by William Shakespeare - A book I picked up not really knowing what it was about (yeah, I haven't read The Bard yet because I think he's intimidated by me, heee) but merely in compliance with the book club's theme. As of this writing, I'm only one act away from concluding it. :)

What about you, what are you planning to read during the holidays? Merry Christmas, all!


Anonymous said…
Hulking a lot of effort to finally finish Infinite Jest. Happy reading!
Anonymous said…
...I haven't read The Bard yet because I think he's intimidated by me...

Same here. Haha!
Louize DG said…
I think it's a good idea that you started with a Bard's comedy, rather than a tragedy. And the story is "in" for the season. :)
Tin said…
Neil Gaiman! They said Sandman was the first modern comic that attracted a large female following. And he once jested that comic book owners were fist pumping him in comic-cons because he brought women into their comic stores. And he said, they would come if you just sweep it. Hahaha! Okay I am rambling. :) Happy Holidays, Monique!

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