Happy 4th, marginalia!

Aaand my little book blog turns 4 today. Happy anniversary to us!

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A few days ago, I announced a book giveaway in celebration of this milestone. I asked readers and/or participants to name a book they think should win an award (any bookish award!) but didn't, for whatever reason. I also qualified that the giveaway is open only to Philippine residents and non-robots, which in my book means someone who is not a stranger. (Hey, it's my giveaway; I have the final say on this matter, yes?)

Anyway, the deadline for entries was at 11:59 pm yesterday, and there are four valid entries:

I commissioned the help of my darling daughter in picking the winner because I didn't want to use a randomizer this year. So, without further ado, here's the winner of this year's giveaway:

She just got out of her braids, hence, the curly hair.

Congratulations, TIN!

Let me know which book you want from The Book Depository, max amount of $20.00. Thank you to Angus, Benny, and Kristel for joining. Until the next blogiversary!


Peter S. said…
Happy anniversary to Marginalia! Here's to more book-ish posts!
Louize DG said…
Happy blogsary, marginalia! ♥
From a book lover to another: Happy Anniversary ! :) thanks for the contest.

Lynai said…
What? You had a giveaway? Why was I not informed?! Hehe. Anyway, happy 4 years, marginalia! Cheers! :)

Tin said…
Happy 4th Anniversary Marginalia! Boatloads more to come!

And Yipeeeee! Allie and I, we have a telepathic link (Ubik mode!), you see. (Coz we share the same IQ. <-I wish! Haha.)

Will message you for my book of choice! Yay! :) Thanks a lot Monique!
Anonymous said…
Happy 4th anniversary to your blog, Monique!

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