Reading List 2015: September

This is a rather late one for a beginning-of-month post, so forgive the tardiness. I blame real life and the Romans.

Oh, the Romans! But before we get to that, a roundup of last month’s reading list:

  • To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee – Innocence, bigotry, and a lawyer named Atticus Finch. 5/5
  • The Satanic Verses by Salman Rushdie – Got as far as the middle of part 2 when I decided to put it on hold for now. It’s taking a while to get into the writing.
  • Ubik by Philip K. Dick – The book club’s science fiction book for the month. 4/5

And for September’s reading list, here they are:

  • I, Claudius by Robert Graves – This has been on my shelf for the longest time, and I felt inspired to read it. I love ancient history, and Roman history will always be one of my favorite topics. Passed the halfway mark the other way and I can’t put it down!
  • The Blue Flower by Penelope Fitzgerald – A book that piqued my interest because of its historical basis. Purchased the Kindle edition until I can find a print edition, hopefully at the upcoming MIBF next week.
  • Go Set A Watchman by Harper Lee – The book club’s book of the month, which we’ll be discussing with our friends from Flips Flipping Pages.

How about you, any interesting reads this month? :)


Peter S. said…
Oh, I'm glad you're enjoying I, Claudius. If you're up to it, maybe you could also read its sequel, Claudius, the God.
Monique said…
PETER: I just wish I could stay at home all day so I can finish reading it already! Will look up the sequel after. :)

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