Or, yay, I completed my first pattern for the book club's book bingo!

Backing up a bit: at the beginning of every year, the book club cooks up an activity where members are dared to read books, more often than not, those that are out of their comfort zones. The past couple of years we've picked the "dare books," as we call them, from the members' best and worst reads for the preceding year. We just tweak the rules a bit every year.

This year, the challenge is hosted by Angus, who created the first-ever TFG Book Bingo. Every participant is required to fill up squares to create a pattern (much like your regular bingo game) by reading a book that fits the description or genre indicated in the squares. Each participant is given a unique bingo card, meaning, no two participants have the same cards. There are other specific rules for the benefit of book club members so I'll stop at the basics.

Here is my TFG Bingo card, and it took me a while (more than 3 months!) but I finally have my first pattern.

I already have prepared titles for the other squares. Some friends and I have challenged ourselves to a blackout - person who doesn't achieve a blackout within the prescribed period owes dinner - so the dare is SO on! :D


Angus Miranda said…
It's so on and I'm so behind, waaahhh! I should either pick it up or start saving, haha! Kidding. I will NOT give up. There are still seven months to go to pick my pace up. ;)
Monique said…
BUDDY: Gora lang! Tama na ang series marathon, hahaha.
Kelly Ramos said…
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