January 2, 2019

Hey, bingo!

I haven't done any reading challenges in a while, whether it be a personal challenge or one from the book club. But because I fell into a reading rut sometime during the last half of 2018, failing to finish any of the books I started reading for the book club discussions, I thought, perhaps, that it's time I challenge myself this year. It's nearly impossible now to make a dent on my TBR shelf, but at least I'd try to read and finish the books I set to read this time around.

Enter my amigas in the book club and this bingo challenge I cooked up for us.

The last time we had a bingo like this in the book club, the four of us had a sort of bet: whoever doesn't make a blackout at the end of the reading challenge will treat the rest to dinner. I achieved a blackout that time, and I intend to enjoy another free dinner again this year.

Any suggestions on what to read for each square? :)


Louize DG said...

Great motivation. Good luck and best dinner, to you guys!

jack said...

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Steve Jove said...

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